The Eyez

Designed by Dominique Breton, Cédrick Chaboussit
Illustrated By Dominique Breton
Publisher: Goliath

15 minutes
2-4 Joueurs
5 years old or more
Kids, Family


Shy living creatures hidden in the darkness of the deepest caves, the Eyez must always be captured in identical pairs!

You play simultaneously, trying to capture as many correct pairs of Eyez as possible.

To collect pairs you have to pick up one Eye at the time and look under it. After that you either lay it back on the same spot or you lay it on top of another Eye to form a Pair. Now you place the pair of Eyez in front of you. Every correct pair scores you 2 points, every incorrect pair costs you 1 point. And for every correct identical pair you score 1 bonus point.


  • Eyez Les Zoeils partie en cours


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