Designed by Marie & Wilfried Fort
Illustrated By Natalia Zelenina
Publisher: 999 Games, Brain Games, DV Giochi, Game Factory, Lifestyle Boardgames

15 minutes
2-6 Players
6 years old or more
Kids, Family


Carefully place piece after piece on top of the wobbly stack, and don’t be the one makes it all topple!

Splash! is a fast-paced, nail-biting dexterity game. After placing a piece on top of the stack, you get to give the next player a piece of your choice in your own pile that must be added to the stack. The piece must match the previous color or shape, but how it gets placed is up to the next player! When the stack comes crashing down, the player who gave the piece gets a gold gem. The first player to collect three gold gems or run out of pieces wins!

  • Splash Matériel


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