Marc André talks about Majesty

Published by Forgenext


Hi Marc! Could you introduce yourself please?

I’m 50 years old, I live in the south of France with my wife and our son.


What was the first idea that led you to create Majesty?

I created the first Majesty prototype (called King Maker) in the  summer of 2014, 15 days before going to Berlin for my nomination to the Spiel des Jahres (for Splendor). It was mainly to keep my mind occupied and to prevent myself from focusing on the Spiel des Jahres. Sebastien Pauchon had the opportunity to test it and he advised me to leave the initial game board because at the beginning the game was about controlling zones with pawns and the cards were used as a multiplier effect. I tried many things, but it was only during the following summer that I had the idea to adapt the mechanics to the medieval theme.




Do you think you were born at the time that suits you? If not, at what time would you have liked to live?

My time suits me very well. I’ve been creating games since the age of 14. That’s how I was able to express my creativity. In our time, games and especially board games have never been so good. And I can live thanks to my creations. From this point of view, we do live in a formidable time.


Do you have any attraction for the Middle Ages?

Of course I do! But for fantasized Middle Ages, crowded with princesses, knights and unicorns.


What are the two characters of the game you would have liked to be in the Middle Ages?

None! I don’t have a warlike temperament that fits to knights, no desire to dominate my fellow men as noblemen did, and for the other characters, their lifetime of hard work frightens me…



Some people think that Majesty is a « Splendor killer ». What do you think about that?

I don’t like this expression. That said, if the two games are very different, they share common characteristics. Majesty is an engine builder, played in 12 rounds. It is fast, easy to assimilate and scalable for experienced players; I think it can compete with Splendor as a « gateway game ». The theme is very present and the interactions between players are omnipresent. It is on these two points that I think Majesty has the advantage.


How do you appreciate the illustrations chosen by Hans im Glück? 

I love Anne’s illustrations in a general way, including the other games she illustrated. I’m proud to work with a publisher as prestigious as Hans im Glück. They chose an illustrator of great talent. I didn’t personally choose Anne, but I was consulted throughout the editorial process. I asked that the cards form a landscape and I was heard. The result is gorgeous!






What kind of audience would like to play Majesty?

I designed Majesty to be a gateway game. First of all, I hope that it will please gamers  and then, during an evening among friends that they will enable more casual players to discover and enjoy the game.


Is it more fun to play Majesty with 2 or 4 players?

It is a very good game for 2 players, there is less luck but the interaction will be weaker than with 3 or 4 players.


The release of a game is always a strong experience. What time do you prefer in your life as a game inventor?

I take great pleasure in creating a game. For me, it is first of all a leisure that has lately become a professional occupation. However, all the  editorial aspect (contacting publishers, presenting the prototype, negotiating contracts, following changes, promoting the final product) is a real job!





A game by Marc André, illustrated by Anne Heidsieck, published by Hans Im Glück, and Forgenext stamped.
2-4 players / 25 min / 7+