Our Games

Majesty: For the realm

Take on the role of a king seeking to gain power during the Middle Ages!

Anatole Latuile

Help Anatole Latuile to correctly fill his schoolbag, before it cracks…

Sail Away

In the Carribean seas, every way is good to gather goods and gold…

Unser Baumhaus

Build the treehouse of your dreams!


Create your own planet system, starting from a star and an asteroid belt, form planets and develop life.

Star Cartel

Upgrade your ship, stockpile your loot and remember that in space, no-one can hear you scheme.

Les Zoeils – The Eyez

Shy living creatures hidden in the darkness of the deepest caves, the Eyez must always be captured in identical pairs!

Mr Wolf

Put all the animals in their barns before Mr. Wolf reaches the farm!

Chromatiktak – Color Clash

Could you name a color that is written in another color? Do it fast and you win!


Captain Nemo is ready to designate a second officer on the Nautilus, and you need to prove your knowledge in five key areas that are dear to the Captain.

Ouga Booga

We return to ancient days, when man and woman lived in adjoining caves and their language consisted of little more than grunts and gestures.

Arkham Noir

As a private investigator, you will help Arkham police to investigate on ugly events during Walpurgis Night…

Escape Quest : Beyond the virtual

Defeat the plans of an evil Artificial Intelligence…


Build a special tower in this fast-paced, nail-biting dexterity game.


Two brothers fight to build their pens and graze their animals on a tiny meadow.

The Walking Pet

Play as a movie director in charge of selecting the best actors to make movies.

Expedition: Northwest Passage

You and your crewmen, with your ship or your sled, will try to reach the Northwest Passage. Explore, move, gather clues about the Franklin expedition and come back alive!


You are an architect who must use different colored dice to build different structures from blueprints.

Trool Park

Build the craziest amusement park!

Arkham Noir 2

Investigate mysterious disappearances, in a hostile climate and conducive to strange phenomena…


Help birds find their way back to their nest.

Cupcake Empire

Make the best cupcakes and sell them to the world.


In Pyramidion, each player plays an Egyptian foreman in charge of a resource supply for the gigantic construction site of the Cheops pyramid.


For all eternity, the Trees of life have rooted the harmony between Sky, Earth and Sea. But the Trees are dying…


The game that brings racing action, for all ages, to your gaming table!

Speed Colors

Are you ready to bring the black-and-white image to life by coloring it in? Then you’d better speed up!


Join a mining company drilling the Earth to get amazing resources.

World of Smog

Trade Ethers and Artefacts in order to fulfill the quest set by Queen Victoria, all the while dealing with the Agents of the Shadow Master.


Become an outlaw and rob banks, free prisoners, attack innocent bystanders… or become the Sheriff and try to protect the people of your city from these bandits!

Guilds of Cadwallon

Take control of the famous City of Thieves set in the Confrontation universe!


You know the answers to this funny quiz, but will you know how to give them by answering the previous question?


When Fire and Water are fighting for supremacy…

Kairn alias Caveman Curling

On an icy lake, two clans of prehistoric men clash in a match of Kairn, better known as Caveman Curling, this being an ancestor to the modern sport of curling.


Get ready to build an evolving structure full of twists and turns and snappy decisions!